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Raise your concerns
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In accordance with its Environmental and Social Safeguards Framework (ESSF) and policies, WWF has established a mechanism to receive and respond to concerns raised by stakeholders, including local communities, who may be affected by the implementation of its activities or by any inappropriate actions of its employees.

If you are interested in WWF's work, your input is important to help us learn and continually improve the ways we work to positively impact nature and people.

We value every one of the compliments and comments we receive and take formal complaints about the way we work very seriously.

We believe that every bit of feedback we receive is an opportunity to improve our approach, and this is why we are always very grateful to hear from people who are willing to take the time to help us develop.

Our social policies

Illustration by WWF-Madagascar


You can make a complaint, comment or compliment about any area of WWF-Gabon office works, whether in Gabon or within its overseas funding.
This includes work which is carried out by our suppliers or partners for us or with our funding.

You can make a complaint, comment or compliment through our global whistleblowing system :

The WhistleB whistleblowing system (https://report.whistleb.com/en/wwf) is available to anyone (whether staff, someone working with WWF as a partner or contractor, or a member of the public ) who wishes to make a complaint about a serious concern involving:
  1. Internal WWF issues - Including but not limited to fraud, corruption, discrimination, data breaches, workplace conduct and health & safety concerns
  2. Community issues - Including but not limited to grievances surrounding WWF projects. You can find information about WWF's Environmental & Social Safeguards Framework here.
  3. Human Rights issues - Any serious allegations of abuses committed by WWF employees or partners


This secure reporting system is here for you to confidentially submit an incident or cause for concern. You can be a staff member, someone working with WWF or someone in the community.

You can be anonymous (depending on legalities in your country) if you do not wish to disclose your name, although your name could be crucial in being able to take appropriate action.

You do not need to provide proof of your suspicions, but all messages must be made in good faith.


Follow this link to see updates on your case