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Food & Agriculture

Promoting sustainable food systems

© WWF / James Morgan

In Gabon, WWF mobilises efforts to cultivate sustainable production by promoting good practice and certification.

We support building the resilience of local communities for inclusive conservation and sustainable natural resource management.
We propose alternatives and income-generating activities for local communities.
© Aaron Gekoski / WWF-US

Why is it important?

The rise of industrial agriculture, small-scale and slash-and-burn agriculture are the major causes of the loss of natural forest ecosystems.

The scale of deforestation is fuelled by the underlying factors of institutional and political factors, demographic, market and economic choices.

Unsustainable agricultural practices affect the ability of local communities to meet their long-term livelihood needs.
We are facing an over-consumption of natural resources.
© Andre Dib / WWF-Brazil

What is WWF doing?

To address these threats, WWF-Gabon office is working on the implementation of agricultural policies, certification and best practices, as well as the development of sustainable community income-generating activities, to improve agricultural practices and market access. 

WWF encourages investments in palm oil cultivation to adopt sustainable practices that will provide them with RSPO (Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil) certification.