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Changing markets

© WWF-Gabon

Climate change, corporate governance and the loss of natural assets are some of the threats facing business today.

By working together, we can achieve large-scale, long-lasting environmental, social and economic benefits.
Good governance is a major factor in the sustainable management of natural resources.
© WWF-Gabon

Why is it important?

Everything we consume, from food to fiber to plastic has an impact on nature. As our population and demands grow, business puts pressure on the environment. 

Unchecked, that pressure is destroying forests and grasslands, contributing to climate change, water scarcity, nature loss and pollution.

The promotion of sustainable product standards and certification systems is necessary
Influencing and supporting stronger policies on a national and a regional scale.
© WWF-Gabon

What is WWF doing?

WWF is working to harness the power of markets to create opportunities for positive impact.

We are targeting improved management of 4 million hectares of forest landscapes in the Gamba Complex in southwest Gabon and the TRIDOM landscape, which crosses the border between Gabon, Congo and Cameroon.

So far, we are strengthening the management of 3,280,000 ha of protected forest. We work for the well-being of communities living near sensitive areas and we assist private corporations to meet sustainable development standards and best practices. 

We support the development of a platform of civil society organisations for the improvement of governance and sustainability of natural resources, and thus stand together for an effective implementation of international commitments